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Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) in Children/Youth: Information for Parents and Caregivers
Max's Story Max has always been clumsy. But it seems that as he gets older, it's not something he is growing out of, and starting to really cause noticeable problems. He is clumsy and spills things at home all the time, leading family members to get upset at him. He is always walking or falling on something leading to frequent bumps and bruises. At school, he struggles to learn how to write. He struggles with gym class, and at recess, wishes he could play with the other kids but he is so clumsy that no one wants to play with him. Any of the Following? Does your child seem excessively clumsy, to the point that it causes problems at home, school or ...
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Sensory Processing Problems in Children and Youth
Introduction A boy is so sensitive to being touched that he can't stand being hugged or touched, his parents even need to cut tags off his clothing. A girl is so sensitive to noise that when it gets loud, she starts to cry or have tantrums. Another girl needs to move constantly to the point where teachers and other students find her constant moving disruptive. What's up with these children? Are they simply being oppositional or difficult children? Is it bad parenting? Or could it be something else... Sensory Processing Problems Sensory processing problems is a complex condition where a person misinterprets information from the ...
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