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Food Cravings: Strategies for those Annoying Cravings
What are Food Cravings? Human beings need to eat in order to live, and as a result, our body signals through cravings and urges that we need to eat.  For most of human history, humans spent most of their days moving outside, and would expend large amounts of energy in hunting and gathering. Our traditional diet was high in natural grains, vegetables, fruits and lower amounts of meat. Food cravings helped hunter gatherers survive: Cravings for sweet foods were a signal that a ripe fruit was ready to be eaten; Cravings for salty foods helped ensure we had enough salt in our diet; for most of human history, salt was extremely hard to find and ...
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Side Effects from Medications: Dealing with Increased Appetite and Weight
What To Do About Weight Gain? Let your doctor know so that you can talk about various strategies such as the following: Changes to your diet. Consider talking with a registered dietician (RD) about changes that you can do to your diet in order to help with your weight. There may be one that works at your doctor’s clinic or hospital. Otherwise, there are registered dieticians that you can pay privately to see for a consultation session. In general, people need to reduce 500–1,000 kcal/daily from their current diet, as well as make sure that less than 30% of calories come from dietary fat. Consider intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting ...
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