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Education and Training (including Schools)

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This section on education resources is not exhaustive, but rather focuses on education and school resources that may be of interest to those with mental health issues.

You may also be interested in the following subheadings:

1. School Boards

Schools are managed by different school boards, which are organized by geographic region, language and religion.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. School Boards
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2. Alternative Schools

Alternative schools are for students whose needs are not met by mainstream schools, which may occur for any variety of reasons, including students who have children, part-time jobs, or who simply have a different learning style that doesn't fit with a mainstream school. In general, alternative schools offer smaller classes, with more of an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with teachers.


In Ontario, students work on one course at a time, and can complete six or more courses in an academic year. Each classroom has 21 students who all work on individual courses, at their own pace. Contact your local school board for more information.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. Alternative Schools
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3. Day treatment programs

Day Treatment refers to an intensive type of outpatient services that is more intensive than standard outpatient services (e.g. seeing someone once every 1-2 weeks) but yet is not as intensive as an inpatient stay.


For children and youth, day treatment programs may occur at therapeutic school programs, or take place at hospitals. For adults, day treatment programs are commonly offered at hospitals.

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4. Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer additional supports for teens that are struggling with problems with emotions, behaviour or self-esteem and motivation.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. Therapeutic Boarding Schools
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5. Mentoring Programs

Programs that provide mentorship, in which a more experienced person helps a less experienced person.

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6. Health Promotion/Public education

Health promotion (including mental health promotion) is providing information and/or education in order to educate individuals, families and communicates so that they can empower their own health.

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7. Other Education/School Resources

This describes other school/educational resources that don't cleanly fit into other categories.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. Other Education/School Resources
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8. Independent Schools

Independent schools (also known as private schools) are schools that are funded through tuition fees  and other means, as opposed to being funded publicly by tax dollars. Many independent schools have classroom environments that can provide specific support to students with learning and mental health needs.

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9. Public Speaking

Public speaking consists of providing talks, presentations for audiences around a specific topic. 

Publicly Funded / Free Services

La plateforme Autisme-Asperger-Québec (AAQc) se veut une plateforme informative, éducative et inclusive sur l’autisme, les troubles du spectre de ... more
QC, Canada
Areas Served: Quebec, World
All ages
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